I found the work first from the poster on the movie theater in Sendai in Japan.

"Wake Up, Girls!"


Both the movie and the TV series will be started on 10 January 2014, and the place which is depicted in the work is the local city Sendai I live in, awesome, It is natural for me to cheer up the work.
I know the real place which the official WEB site teaser movies tells us.

The directer Yutaka Yamamoto(YamaKan) who is popular the work "Lucky☆Star(Raki☆Suta)" which is criticized as the representative work with the "never-ending daily life" tries to direct the anime about pop Idol depicting the place where the "never-ending daily life" ended(--the huge earthquake and Tsunami had happened in Tohoku area on Japan 3 years ago.), which is so dramatic. From official WEB site, one of main character--who is willing to be pop Idol, is the girl from Kesennuma which Tsunami wiped out once.

In my impression, thank goodness to prompt the local economy to the area being restored now though whether the anime is fun or not fun is not still obvious.

It is my interest personally thesedays that I would like to build the bridges from the local to the world and from the world to the local. If I can act with this anime becoming popular, which may build something to be productive for the local and the world, and for me.

Rebuilding after the tragedy, studying English, and Anime, Manga, Idol, Pop culture on Japan have a power to next cultural activities now, I feel some my acts from 2011 to be linked.

"Wake Up, Girls!" will be broadcasted on 108 countries soon.

If you have an interest on "Wake Up, Girls!", it is my pleasure you to watch this work.